Death in the Cell

Film und Information meetings in Berlin

2 years ago Oury Jalooh burned alive in a police cell in Dessau. Up to now, a
trial havn’t taken place. Therefore the Initiative in remembrance of Oury
Jalloh invites you to a information meeting to mobilize for big
demonstrations on the 7.1.2007 in Dessau and Berlin.
We will show the film “Death in the cell”, which follows the circumstances
of Oury Jalloh’s death. Furthermore, we inform about the current state of
the case, upcoming actions and are open to all questions.

  • Neukölln: 10.12.06, 20:00h, Syndikat, Weisestr. 56
  • Mitte: 14.12.06, 19:00h, Cafe Krähenfuss, HU, Unter den Linden 6
  • Wedding: 15.12.06, 20:00h, Villa 32, Utrechter Str. 32
  • Kreuzberg: 17.12.06, 19:30h, Tante Horst, Oranienstr. 45
  • Friedrichshain: 18.12.06, 20:00h, Schnarup Thumby, Scharnweberstr. 38
  • Friedrichshain: 3.1.2007, 20:00h, Zielona Gora, Grünberger Str. 73

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